Soffit and fascia

Soffit is used to cover and protect any exterior surfaces that are exposed, such as the underside of the overhang between the roof and the exterior building wall or a porch ceiling. Installing soffit protects the building's main structure and roof from water damage that may occur. Diamond Aluminum Inc. offers aluminum soffit that is resilient and weatherproof. We offer soffit in 3 and 4 panel designs, vented and non-vented styles and in a range of colours to complement any colour scheme.

Fascia is used as trim below the roof line and above the soffit. The fascia will protect the roof and the building from water damage, as well as provide an appealing finish to the forward facing area. Diamond Aluminum Inc. uses only aluminum fascia designed to protect the exterior of the building between the building’s roof and walls against harsh elements. Aluminum fascia is available in different sizes and colours to match specific needs or preference.